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TietoEVRY's year 2019

This is an overview of TietoEVRY's Annual Report highlights for the year 2019. Full Annual Report including Sustainability Performance 2019, Corporate Governance Statement, Financial Review and Sustainability Report can be downloaded as interactive PDF's from this page.

From our CEO

An exceptional year of transformation and exciting new opportunities

2019 was a historic year for Tieto. We joined forces with EVRY, the Norway-based consulting and technology company, to create TietoEVRY, a leading Nordic digital services and software company and the largest community for business and technology professionals. Together, we will accelerate digitalization and create digital advantage for our customers and society as a whole.

Read the complete CEO statement.

Highlights of the year

Greenhouse gas emissions

Person skiing on a frozen lake

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, with policymakers and businesses scrambling to find rapid and effective solutions.

Read more on how we reached our target ahead of time.

Bias training

People working in a workshop setting

Inclusive teams bring benefits to both people and businesses. Inclusion boosts engagements and creates competitive advantage. In 2019 we initiated a bias training for people in decision-making position at Tieto.

Read more

Sustainable IT solutions

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We see a future where information is the biggest driver for social, economic and environmental value. Part of our responsibility as a key actor in this development is to continuously assess our impact.

Read more on sustainable IT solutions.

Previous reports

Annual report 2018, Tieto, EVRY
For previous years, please visit our investor website.

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